Almost every Sunday, we offer a beginner's class on meditation instruction and practice that begins at 10:00 am and lasts one hour.  The meditation techniques of shamatha (calm abiding) from Tibetan Buddhism tradition are taught in the beginner class.  This course is ideal for those new to meditation and for those who wish to develop a strong foundation before embarking on the vipashyana (clear seeing) techniques offered in the 11:30 am Intermediate class.  The practice of meditation can enable a deeper insight into the nature of self and of the world to positively transform our relationship with ourselves and with others.  No experience is needed  and all are welcome.  

Overview of the multi-week beginner's class:

The beginner class is an on-going course designed to provide a basic foundation in the calm abiding techniques. Each class offered at 10 am will be accessible to those with little to no background in meditation. The multi-week course repeats several times throughout a year. In each class we offer instructions in the meditation technique of shamatha and the topic if the day, two 10 minute meditation sessions, and time for questions and discussion. The multi-week course begins with a class on the benefits of meditation, a class on the basic techniques, and a class on the essential points of mindfulness and introspection. We also give an introduction to the Four Foundations of Mindfulness as found in the Satipatthana Sutta, the Four Immeasurables and the Tibetan breathing technique tong-len (sending and receiving). The later portion of the multi-week series is designed to introduce the general concept of vipashyana and to explain its significance. The multi-week course usually spans eight to twelve weeks centered around the visits from the Rinpoches of the Palyul linage and other visiting lamas (monks).

Overview of the four sessions of the intermediate class:

After a 30 minute coffee/chat break, we offer an intermediate level meditation class at 11:30 am.  This class is based on "The Wheel of Analytical Meditation" by the 19th century meditation master and celebrated scholar Mipham Rinpoche.  All are welcome, but those who have never received meditation instruction in the past are encouraged to join the 10 am class.

The intermediate class will focus on one of the four topics from the Wheel of Analytical Meditation. The class begins with a brief recitation of traditional Tibetan auspicious prayers to set the tone for the meditations.  Afterward there will be a brief synopsis of the methods of Shamatha and Vipshyana, including the topic (see below) of the day. There will be two 15 minute meditation sessions. After which there will be time for questions and discussion. The class will close with traditional Tibetan dedication prayers.  Please note that the class will be 90 minutes in length.

The four topics from the Wheel of Analytical Mediation that are covered in this class are:

1. Multiplicity
2. Impermanence
3. Suffering
4. No-self

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