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All classes and events, unless otherwise noted, occur at:

A Center For Relationships

316 Commerce St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Email: palyuldc@gmail.com

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About Us

Palyul Changchub Dargyeling D.C. Area

Palyul Changchub Dargyeling, D.C. Area, is a non-profit organization of Buddhist practitioners in the Palyul lineage of the Tibetan Nyingma tradition. We are one of a world-wide network of teaching and practice centers founded by our spiritual leader, His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, the eleventh throne holder of the Palyul lineage. We follow the guidance and personal examples of His Holiness and of our teacher, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Our Mission

   Our mission is to offer authentic teachings and practices in the Tantric Buddhist traditions of the Nyingmapa, the ancient school of Tibet; and to create a gathering place and support structure for the D.C. area community for regular practice, instruction and study; and to preserve the teachings of Lord Buddha and of our lineage masters for future generations.

   By following the authentic teachings transmitted to us through our spiritual teachers, our goals are to establish the Dharma in the world and to benefit all sentient beings. To do this, we offer a place for the community and for ourselves to practice the two accumulations -- understanding through study, and realization through practice -- to discover the living Dharma within ourselves, and to support each other in our practice and our lives.

Our Values

   We present these principals to guide our actions: We strive to emulate the values personified by our teachers, including compassion for all beings, equanimity, patience, openness, ethical behavior, non-grasping, generosity, humility and simplicity. We strive to hold respect for each member of the Sangha (community) as a practitioner on the path of enlightenment, with no bias toward anyone who comes seeking Dharma instruction and community. We are committed to a democratic spirit among our members, with oversight and guidance from our spiritual teachers. Decisions are made in an open, honest and cooperative manner with organizational processes as transparent as possible. We conduct the affairs of the organization in compliance with all local, state, and national laws.

PCD-DC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

PCD-DC Treasurer: 

6625 10th St. Unit C2, Alexandria VA 22307

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