Welcome to Palyul Changchub Dargyeling D.C. Area

   Palyul D.C. is a tight knit Sangha servicing the greater Washington DC area, located in Alexandria, Virginia.  Due to COVID, all of our spiritual programs are only available via Zoom. We meet weekly for discussions (Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism) and group practice (Guru Yoga) each Sunday morning, starting at 9 am.  We also engage in book studies and host invited speakers.  We look forward to seeing you at meditation, Guru Yoga, or just to say ‘Hi.’ 



Dear Dharma Siblings,

We hope you had a Happy Losar. We have a message to share from our Spiritual Director, Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche:

My dear dharma friends and to all,

I wish you all a very happy and pleasant Chinese and Tibetan New Year, which happen together this year, the female iron ox year. Actually there is no old year or new year; it is just continuation of the calendar, but which we conceptualize as a new year. 

However, I wish you all a very successful year of accomplishment with your spiritual development and other mundane activities, and especially may you have a long life in good health, lots of happiness with fun and harmony within families, with sincere love and kindness, and a fresh and powerful year that could be the most meaningful and satisfying year that you ever could have in your life. 

But still you have to be very careful about what is going on in our world including this pandemic. Always thinking positively with compassion and caring for others is a powerful mind training that has positive results. The inner happiness and peace are a result of your kind heart and meritorious deeds; please remember this and try to practice it in your daily life with skillful means. 

My prayers and blessings from all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, including Guru Rinpoche’s, will be always with you if you follow the right path initiated by your right intention. 

Blessings with love to you all for this new year as you all celebrate it together in great joy and happiness. Get freedom from COVID-19 the moment you celebrate this New Year with mindfulness and caring for others like yourself. 
Thanking you all.

Khen Rinpoche

Upcoming events

Due to COVID-19, all PCD-DC events are being held online via Zoom


These are recurring meetings and the meeting ID won't change. 

Meeting ID: 814 3390 5026

Passcode: Drubwang

Palyul Changchub Dargyeling - Washington DC Area, is solely supported by the generosity of donors. PCD-DC cannot exist without donations. In order to maintain our regular meditation classes and to host the Rinpoches of Palyul, PCD-DC humbly requests that you consider making a donation

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Advice from Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche
on Living with the Coronavirus

To all my dear fellow humans,

   I know we are in a situation with this coronavirus that is very disturbing and worrying. But it is a reminder for all of us that we should always be careful about what we do and eat or drink, because all sorts of diseases and sicknesses are caused by our own thoughts and activities. It is better that you all learn this well and try to be more aware of it. So now we should train ourselves to be more careful about what we are doing.

   Not only that, but we have to activate more righteous thinking and doing. For that we need to develop kinder hearts, with compassion and loving kindness, instead of worrying or feeling emotional with anger or hatred toward anyone, including the virus itself. Like earthquakes, hurricanes, storms or even heat, including global warming, the virus is innocent—it doesn’t have any thought to harm human beings. We are humans who have the greatest intelligence among all species. We have to learn from our wrongdoing and we should correct ourselves before it’s too late, I think.

   Please be kind to each other and care for each other—we all want happiness and peace. Happiness and peace are possible to achieve in the near future if we humans learn and realize what we really need to do for the wellbeing of ourselves. We are social animals. We are dependent on each other in this global existence. We are so closely related that when any part of the world is affected we all are emotionally disturbed.

   So I am requesting you, all my dear brothers and sisters, please try to understand the situation and be helpful and kind to each other in order that we may all survive on this, our beautiful planet .

Blessings with lots of ❤ love to you all, my dear humans.

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