Intermediate Meditation Class - Part One: Multiplicity

  • 03/04/2018
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • ***not usual location*** 800 4th St. SW, Apt. S-811 Washington, DC
This week, we will be looking at the topic of multiplicity, the search for the bases of emotional attachments.  The class will be taught by Keith Matis.  This is part one of our four-part series on Wheel of Analysis and Meditation, by Lama Mipham Rinpoche.  In addition to the teaching, there will be two-15 minute long meditation sessions.  Each one will begin with ten minutes of Shamatha meditation and end with five minutes of Vipassana meditation.

PLEASE NOTE: Our usual venue is unavailable on this date, so we meet at the home of our steadfast member Yeshe Dorje, who lives in SouthWest DC, near the Waterfront.

800 4th St. SW, Apt. S-811 · Washington, DC

On the call box enter the code “539.” When the door rings open, enter the lobby; go right, past the concierge.  Find the south-side elevators at the end of the hall and take the elevator to the eighth floor. Knock on door 811. For help call 301-233-9040.

All are warmly invited to join us!

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